Philhealth CARES and Philhealth Electronic Services Now Accessible for Members

In support to the Universal Health Care Program, 530 Philhealth Customer Assistance, Relations and Empowerment Staff (Philhealth CARES) shall be deployed on a rotation basis at government hospitals nationwide effective May 2, 2012.

22 were assigned in Region XII to educate the members, provide essential information on benefits, membership, eligibility and accreditation process and conduct surveys and studies for data analysis, evaluation and other purposes.

As a new engagement process that modifies transaction between Philhealth and its accredited facilities is being adopted, the corporation also has online service system for member verification, individual registration, post payments and others.

The Institutional Healthcare Provider or IHCP portal is designed for health care facilities to ensure eligibility and speed up verification of sponsored members under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) prior to benefit availment.

Electronic Registration and Amendment System or ERAS is for individual registration of members like employed, self-employed, Overseas Filipino Workers including retirees and pensioners to expedite registration processing, amendment of member data and Philhealth Identification Number generation.

E-payment facilities provide window for employers’ Premium Contributions Program via UnionBank's ONEHUB.GOV for convenience, updated posting of contribution within 24 hours, immediate reconciliation of reports and remittances, immediate availment of Philhealth benefits (i.e., hospitalizations), viewing of pending payments, defined corporate policy enforcement and users to limit payment to Philhealth contribution only.

More of these accessible electronic online services are located at   (Hanah G. Naanep)
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