More than 700,000 Pageviews!

Hello dear readers, just a quick update on our stats.

Last February 12, 2012 or 2 months and 14 days ago I have posted about this blogs' having reached the 600,000 pageviews mark [read the post here], now take a look at our stats as of publication..
Tsk! South Cotabato News Atbp have crossed the 700,000 pageviews mark!
Also check out our latest ranking at
Whatever the stats means, these numbers inspires me and I am very thankful to you, and the people who return to this blog, whether it be regularly or now and then. Please continue to share our posts, hit the FB like button, leave a comment, and please follow @southcotabato on twitter.

Madamo ged nga salamat,


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  1. congratulations nanards from one avid follower of this site. keep up!

  2. tnx ged te sa suporta.. ayo2 permi :)


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