Although there is a law (Republic Act No. 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act of 1998) which bans horse fighting in the Philippines, the activity is still practiced particularly during festivities in some parts of the country.
Horse Fighting in Lake Sebu
Horse Fight (Hegidu Kuda in Tboli dialect). Photo taken during  Helobung Festival in
Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
In South Cotabato, horse fighting is one the side events during Helobung Festival in Lake Sebu and Seslong Festival in Tboli. The two municipalities are considered eco-cultural tourism destinations in the province and are predominantly inhabited by ethnic tribes like Tboli and Blaan wherein horse fighting is celebrated as a long-time cultural tradition.
Local residents and visitors of all ages watched as two stallions fight over a mare during the last day of
Helobung Festival 2014 in Lake Sebu

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  1. I am not sure if this is "legal" or at least on the fair ground of animal right. Though I am aware that stallions fight over a mare during mating but to put it on public for entertainment is a little off at my point of view... I am an environmental specialist and I cant tolerate this kind of "show"

  2. Whoa I didn't know that stallions fighting still exist nowadays. I thought we only have sabong / cockfighting here.

  3. Since this is part of the Festival, LGUs are aware of this....

  4. The horse fighting in lake Sebu is intense. I wonder how these activities can push through even with a republic act against it. We may have problems on the enforcement part.

  5. Read the first line and my initial reaction was ... why; instead of reporting this do these activities still thrive? There's already pictures and even a video; that's enough evidence if indeed the law says it is illegal.


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