IN PICTURES: Kofnit Cave in Lake Sebu

Few days ago, I joined the 11th installment of Takladtamig, a mountaineering activity by a group of local mountaineers in South Cotabato where participants join in a community outreach activity, tree planting  and explore various natural attractions found in  South Cotabato. It was conducted in Sitio Lambila, Brgy. Lamfugon in Lake Sebu where another must-see natural wonder called Kofnit Cave can be found.
Kofnit Cave in Lake Sebu
Kofnit Cave is one of the caves in SOCCSKSARGEN or Region 12 that are being developed into a prime-eco tourism sites.
From Lake Sebu town proper, we traveled to Brgy. Lamfugon for about 40 minutes on board a dump truck provided by the municipal government. Then mountain trekked for almost an hour before reaching Sitio Lambila, a small community of 6 households of the Ubo tribe. We were warmly welcomed by the community and allowed us to use their long house.

After we took our lunch, a short orientation followed and participants readied for Kofnit Cave. From the Ubo inhabited-community of Sitio Lambila, it took us about 30 minutes before reaching the mouth of Kofnit Cave via a very steep trail. Check out the following photos inside Kofnit Cave.
Kofnit Cave in Lake Sebu
The mouth of Kofnit Cave.
Kofnit Cave in Lake Sebu
 Few meters from the entrance of Kofnit Cave. 
Kofnit Cave in Lake Sebu
The cave is named Kofnit due to the presence of bats. Kofnit is a tribal word which means bat.

Following the underground stream will lead you to bigger chambers inside Kofnit Cave.

Stalactites,stalagmites and other cave formations of  different sizes are found inside Kofnit Cave.

Amazed at these cave formations.

Interested to explore Kofnit Cave in Lake Sebu?
Contact the Municipal Tourism Office at 09173039365.

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