Search for the Cleanest and the Greenest Barangay of Norala

The Great Sons and Daughters of Norala, Inc. is challenging the barangays of the Municipality of Norala to rise up and and make Norala a better, cleaner and greener place. Three (3) winners will be proclaimed on December 2010 during TGSDN, Inc Annual Christmas Party and Reunion.

The winning barangays will recieve an award/prize in form of community projects or equipments in the following amount:

1st Place:    P 60,000.00
2nd Place:   P 25,000.00
3rd Place:   P 15,000.00

For further details about this project you may contact the following:

Ms. Lucy "Bing" Jamison       0919-8295849
Ramil Sotelo Sasi                0920-7972145
Cez Octaviano Pamplona      0928-7451466

The Great Sons and Daugthers of Norala, Inc. or TGSDN , an association founded by the professionals and intellectuals of Norala.

For the last two years since its founding and incorporation, The Great Sons and Daughters of Norala Association, Inc. (TGSDN) has continued to set the trends in providing public service for the Noralian community. It has been trailblazing in providing noteworthy projects/ programs for Noralians, uplifting their morale and welfare through the association’s social responsibilities, and making part of its members’ culture the value of serving and civic consciousness.

Today, TGSDN stays focused in its vision of becoming a major provider of effective social services to the Norala community and is prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead. The success and stature the Association has today, it owes to the loyalty, enthusiasm, and patronage of its members and the dedication of its officers and directors.

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