Election Reminders and Voting Procedures for Responsible South Cotabato Voters

Be an informed and responsible voter.

South Cotabato Tambayan Mag will help you to make it happen. 
Check out  this compiled reminders for your use and reference for 2010 PHILIPPINE ELECTION:


1. Go to your voting precinct and check your name.  To ensure that your name is in the list of voters, you can check the list via COMELEC’s Online Verification System.
2. Bring your Voter’s ID or any valid ID with your registration stub on election day.
3. Bring bottled water and some light snacks. It is expected that long lines will be formed for voters casting their votes. It is better caught prepared for any scenario that may happen on the election day.
4. Make a list of Important Numbers. This may come handy when you need it. Indicate, the following in a piece of paper:
  • your  persons to contact to (in case of emergency)
  • Nearest Police Station
  • Nearest Fire Station
  • Local Comelec Office
  • etc.
5. Be a vigilant voter. Join volunteer groups that can help COMELEC perform their tasks without distraction from politics, politicians and untowards incidents. Being a vigilant voter means that we are doing our part in making the 2010 Election FREE, FAIR and CLEAN.


1. Find your precinct.
2. Present an official ID Card with your registration stub.
3. Ensure that the Ballot has no pre-shaded ovals.
4. Only one ballot per voter. Therefore, ensure that you maximize your ballot and ensure that you don’t make mistakes.
2010 Philippine Election Sample Ballot

5. Voters need only to shade the oval beside the name of their chosen candidates. Over 50 percent of the oval must be shaded for the vote to be counted by the automated poll machine. Please see the correct shading sample below:

Right Oval Shading Philippine Automated Election Ballot
6. Never overvote. Overvoting or selecting two or more candidates for positions where only one winner will be declared will invalidate that particular contest but not the whole ballot. Therefore,  you should only shade one president, one vice president and 12 senators.
2010 Philippine Election Overvoting Sample Ballot Sheet
After filling the 2010 Philippine Election Official Ballot, the voter should personally insert the ballot into the automated machine. The machine will acknowledge that a vote has been cast by an uptick in the ballot number count.
PCOS Machine Sample

7. Mark your right hand point finger with indelible ink as a sign that you have finally cast your vote.

Filipino Voter

1. Be a vigilant Filipino. Do volunteer works to ensure a FREE, FAIR and CLEAN 2010 Philippine Election.
2. Respect COMELEC’s Decision — may it favor or not  our preference. That is the essence of Democracy.

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