Glitches delay PCOS transmittals in Koronadal

By: Ruel Ambat

10 May 2010—Transmissions of election results from PCOS machines of the different clustered precincts in the city finally started pouring in at around 10:30 in the evening due to connectivity problems of the local server computer stationed here at the Sangguniang Bayan Hall of the City of Koronadal.

The COMELEC staff headed by Chairperson, Mrs. Evangeline Basan, together with a number of telecommunications technicians and Smartmatic technical staff went scrambling for hours to address the problem. As soon as connectivity went through, PCOS transmissions came swiftly almost by the minute. At around 11:30 PM, submissions are above 40%. Comelec predicts 100% transmittal before 2:00 AM the next day if things remain smooth.

Unlike in the previous elections, the SB Hall of Koronadal, venue of the local poll canvassing, did not teem of people and remained very orderly. Smartmatic provided a laptop which receives PCOS transmittals from the barangays. Comelec also provided video projectors for the observers composed of pollwatchers and legal representatives of the different political parties. No untoward incident has been observed so far.

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