List of Winning Candidates in the May 10 Election in the Province of South Cotabato

Here is the official list of winning candidates in the province of South Cotabato in the position of Governor, Vice- Governor, Representatives and Provincial Board Members as proclaimed by the COMELEC Provincial Board of Canvasser last May 12, 2009 at the Comelec office in Koronadal City.

Video courtesy of Mr. Edgar Adalin

Governor:                Pingoy, Arthur Jr.
Vice- Governor:        Tolosa, Elmo

1st District:             Acharon, Pedro
2nd District:            Fuentes, Daisy

Board Members:

1st District:
                              Lumayag, Honey

                              Barroso, Antonetta
                              Madanguit, Jose

2nd District:
                              Diel, Cecile

                              Ladot, Samuel
                              Luntao, Erwin
                              Aguire, Jose
                              Catedral, Ernesto
                              Subere, Pablito
                              Dema-ala, Agustin

Congratulations to the newly elected  officials. May you live up to your mandate of giving true service to all South Cotabatenyos!


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  1. i just like to point out that you have posted both surnames of Antonetta Mariano Barroso


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