South Cotabato 1st tourism summit; calls for responsible tourism

Gov. Pingoy at the 1st Tourism Summit held at Tupi
“Tourism should be planned, managed and undertaken in a way that avoids damage to biodiversity, and that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially equitable” South Cotabato Governor Arthur Y. Pingoy told tourism workers during the 1st South Cotabato Tourism Summit at Sweet Waters resort, here, recently.

The summit was the first ever tourism summit in the province. Organized by the Alliance of Arts, Culture, Tourism Officers and Sports Coordinators of South Cotabato (ACTS-SC) –the summit aims to strengthened the arts and culture programs in all municipal governments in the province.

“As prime movers… I urge you to be guided by the principles for responsible tourism” adding “You must accept responsibility for the impact of tourism, both on nature and people…”

“We may consider tourism in South Cotabato in its infancy yet, it never allows itself edged by other provinces in the region, in terms of creating or developing tourist attractions” the governor said.

The governor also acknowledges Lake Sebu as the province’s tourism centerpiece and the zip line as added attractions, however, the governor also acknowledges its downsides.

“According to a close friend who visited Seven Fall in Lake Sebu “walang katulad, nami gid kag katahum” Pingoy said, however, “the continuous influx of tourists in the area has also a downside and that is the garbage has also never stopped getting into the place” Pingoy said.

“We should be made aware of the positive and negative impacts, and encouraged to be responsible and to support conservation through their activities Information about environmental, cultural and social issues should be provided to tourists as essential part of responsible tourism” Pingoy said.

In the same meeting the governor promised to strengthened the provincial tourism office and to provide all the needed support including the provision of the “tourism bus.” (article from


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  1. dapat sumali ang gensan nito... magkadikit ang mga pusod natin lalo na sa tourism matters...

  2. dapat sumali ang gensan nito... magkadikit ang mga pusod natin lalo na sa tourism matters...


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