Winners of the South Cotabato Experience Blog-Writing Contest

Here are the winners of the 1st SCT Blog-Writing Contest : The South Cotabato Experience: (click on the blog title to read the full entry)

1st Prize- P 2,500.00
“Ano? Taga-Cotabato ka? Hindi ba magulo doon?” I was kinda used with these questions after hearing me say where my home province is…I replied, “Yes, I was born and raised in South Cotabato. Hope you can visit my home turf so that you’ll realize why my heart solely belongs to that place”.

Blog Post Title: Supremely Surprising South Cotabato!
Blog Title: The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
Blog Owner: JR Lopez Gonzales

2nd Prize- P 1,500.00
Every tourist visiting the town, or even the locals in South Cotabato should have their own, worth-blogging experience in Lake Sebu. Forget going to the metro or some other huge city to do some shopping sprees. The malls in and around the region sell the same stuff, anyway. If you are planning to be visit Lake Sebu anytime soon, try the perfect combination of food+adrenaline (and maybe some sidetrips in the greens) and you have got yourself a holiday that you will never forget!

Blog Post Title: Dangled on a Clothesline
Blog Title: AlexisChua: The Personal Blog
Blog Owner: Alexis Canizar Chua

3rd Prize- P1,000.00
I wonder if Manny Pacquiao could do his training here instead of in baguio and when he refused, then we could invite Antonio Margarito hahahaha he might forget his fight to Manny Paquiao, leave his boxing career and choose to spend his whole life at Lake Sebu, and maybe raise some Tilapia hahahaha I can’t wait to see a punching Tilapia or maybe a punched Tilapia..
Blog Post Title: South Cotabato Experience
Blog Title: Let There Be Light
Blog Owner: Joey Laglagaron
  • Cash prizes for the Top 3 Entries are courtesy of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato.
Each of the winning entries will also receive the following:
The 1st Prize winner will also get 
  • a four (4) months Free Service from Mystic 5 Beauty Salon (transferable), and 
  • a Free Zipline Ride for 5 at Lake Sebu. 
So there, JRGon bring four of your friends from Iligan City and experience Southeast Asia's longest zipline!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating! 

*Send us a message here on how to claim your prize.


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  1. In "The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales" it is said that Jens Peters is an "American hiker". This, however, is wrong and should be corrected. Jens Peters is a GERMAN writer of travel guides, especially about the Philippines.

  2. Hi, Sir Hans Brandeis? thanks to that sir, JrGon will be reading this post and your comment i'm sure. Anyway,i hope you'll visit our province again sir. thanks for dropping by. :D

  3. Yeah, that's me... And, yes, I might come to South Cotabato again some time in January, hopefully... going on with my research on the 2-stringed lutes, like kutiyapi, hegelung, feglung, fegereng...

  4. wow that's good news! you'll be surprise the places was so different from the last time you've been here.. looking forward to that! :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @limbay: thank you for pointing that out. Admittedly, it was my mistake to falsely assume (all the while I thought the well-known Jen Peters was an American based in Germany). Thanks for critical leaders like you, the kind many of us need in the Filipino blogosphere. (Es tut mir leid und ich danke Ihnen).

  7. congrats, nanardz!

    congrats pud sa mag winners!

  8. @jinky, thanks maam.. thanks sa tanan. ) mabuhay! heheheh

  9. watch out for our next pa-contest.. :)

  10. Salamat gid sa SCT! Thank you so much for holding these kinds of activities online. Thanks for bridging the South Kotabatenyos worldwide!

    You guys rock! :-)

  11. Salamat ged sa imu JrGon :) ok na prizes pede na ma-claim..

  12. yehey! hindi consolation prize nada-ugan ko hahahaha

    tnx sa tanan nga sponsors sang sini nga contest, kag sa mga judges and facilatators.

    Godbless u all.

  13. salamat sa imu ariel, continue blogging:)

  14. watch out for our next pa-contest.. :)


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