Lake Sebu's Zipline featured on ABS- CBN's Sports Unlimited

For those who missed to watch the episode of Sports Unlimited featuring Lake Sebu,here's a part of this episode aired last sunday, September 19, 2010 on ABS-CBN:

And following is the article posted at ABS-CBNNEWS.COM:

Sport Unlimited: Lake Sebu zipline adventures

Lake Sebu, the country’s hidden gem, has long been set apart from the rest of the country’s popular destinations.

But this year, this “Summer Capital of the Southern Philippines” has made sure that travelers would re-discover its picture-perfect paradise!

On top of its 7 breath-taking waterfalls, 3 scenic natural lakes and a rich T’Boli culture, South Cotabato’s gem has added a new flavor that would surely give nature-lovers and adrenaline junkies the time of their lives! Get this—a 200-meter zipline ride above 5 of Lake Sebu’s towering waterfalls! That’s the highest zipline in the country!

Located on the southwestern tip of South Cotabato, Lake Sebu is bounded by Sultan Kudarat on its west and Sarangani on its south, making it accessible to the whole SOCCSKSARGEN Region.

From Manila, you just take a 1-hour and 45 minutes flight to General Santos, then from General Santos, it’s just a mere 2-hour scenic drive to Lake Sebu!

Lake Sebu is most famous for its seven stunning waterfalls, which can all be explored by foot.

From the drop-off point of the 7 Falls Zipline, Falls#1 is just a mere 5-minute walk. Locally called Hikong Alu (meaning passage) by the resident T’bolis, this 40-foot masterpiece is a block-type of falls that cascades further to different streams.

Sports Unlimited Team also went up-close TO Lake Sebu’s queen waterfalls, otherwise known as Hikong Bente, meaning immeasurable in T’boli language.

Falls#2 is the highest waterfalls with about 100 feet in height. Its beauty was even made unique with a rainbow resting on top of its lined boulders. Rainbows, formed from the waterfalls’ mist, usually appear beside these waterfalls in some times of the day.

Marc and Dyan were also challenged by the locals to try their daily exercise—trekking 774 steps to reach the zipline. The long trek sounded never-ending but the whole team was immediately engrossed with the beautiful surroundings.

The course is very family-friendly. Even kids like Matthew can enjoy this activity.

The steps are well-paved, which makes trekking a piece of cake for everyone. But after awhile, all of the trekkers were sweating from all the incline! The whole team kept it going, just to reach the zipline!

The thundering sound of the waterfalls kept everyone’s company. One could also hear the roaring squeals of those who are zipping above the area. Hearing screams certainly added more suspense and doubled the excitement! Aside from imagining how high you’ll go, you’ll get a more concrete picture of what’s going to be below you when you’re already zipping.

Lake Sebu’s zipline has already drawn thousands of tourists since its opening last year. With a height of 200 meters from the ground and 300 meters above sea level, this is the highest zip in the country.

What’s good about this zipline is that you can either fly solo or by tandem! You can choose from any position--you can sit, do the superman pose or fly backwards.

Marc and Dyan were the first to go in Superman style! Upon release, they were brought above the towering Hikong Bente. The falls are even more beautiful when seen from above. One can’t help but say that this is one of the most picturesque ziplines in the country.

From Falls#2, they zipped to Falls#3 named Hikong B-lebel. This one is also a beauty with its zig-zagged levels of water. You could actually hear its loud sound even when you’re soaring up above.

There were more rainbows gleaming near Falls#4 and Falls#5.

Matthew and his Dad Anton eagerly took the next zip. Matthew has always been a fan of thrilling adventures. And Lake Sebu definitely didn’t fail his standards!

After the 600-meter zip from Falls#2 to Falls#5, they headed to the second zip, which is approximately 300 meters across with a height of 110 meters.

This time, Dyan paired with Matthew. Matt wore his big grin all throughout the ride! They were still dazzled, even if the second zip is shorter and lower than the first one.

From Falls#5, they zipped back to Falls#4, Falls#3 and back to Falls#2!

Marc was the second to go, this time without any windbreaker-- his way of satisfying his need for turbo speed! It’s really a magical feeling to zoom beyond giant trees, miniature villages and gigantic falls. It’s pure adrenaline rush and soothing tranquility at the same time.

Anton was the last to go. Like his kid Matthew, he couldn’t help but extend his arms, as if he’s gliding on air!

Next time you want to rouse your adrenaline thirst, give yourself a Lake Sebu treat! It’s out-of-this-world excitement - guaranteed!

Sports Unlimited has done it and got the thrill out of it!

Note: original story is from here, photo credits- Jasmine Perez


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  2. What an exciting adventure! Something I've wanted to try. The pics give an awesome perspective. I almost feel like I was there
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