PRESS RELEASE: Philhealth Requires 600 Quarterly Contribution from Self-Earning Professionals

Press Release
November 22, 2010

Philhealth Requires 600 Quarterly Contribution from Self-Earning Professionals

All Philhealth self-employed and voluntary members earning Php 25,000 and above are
now be required to pay Php 600 per quarter or Php2,400 per annum effective October this

By 2012, the same members shall pay Php900 per quarter or Php 3,600 per year but those
with average monthly family income of Php 25,000 and below are to pay Php 300 only per
quarter or Php 1,200 per year.

“Official communication for bigtime business owners through the Chamber of Commerce
in the Region is already sent for immediate instruction,” Philhealth XII Field Operations
Chief, Dr. Miriam Grace G. Pamonag said.

Philheath accredited health care providers like doctors and dentist including lawyers,
inactive and new members are also among those affected by the new premium.

To reflect their profession and income, all existing Individually Paying Members (IPMs)
and new enrollees shall register and accomplish the new Philhealth Member Registration
Form (PMRF).

Professionals are required to attach a photocopy of their Professional Regulation
Commission (PRC) ID while others are to submit a photocopy of their Business Permit.

Should the declared monthly family income is Php25,000 and below, a photocopy of the
Income Tax Return (ITR) or Community Tax Certificate (CTC) must be submitted.

This is per Philhealth Circular # 24, s, 2010 pursuant to Section 28 of the Republic Act
7875 as amended by Republic Act 9241 series of 2004 stating that all members of the
National Health Insurance Program shall contribute to the fund in accordance with a
reasonable, equitable and progressive contribution schedule.

Nine (9) Months Contribution Required for Benefit Availment by July 2011

Effective July 2011, all self-employed and voluntary members are required to pay Php900
covering the nine months contribution prior to availment of any Philhealth inpatient and
out patient benefits.

This policy also applies to all employed members except those under the Sponsored
Program, Lifetime Program and Overseas Workers Program per Philhealth Circular 25,
series of 2010. (HGN)

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