The Bloomfields "The Beatles of the Philippines" Live in Gensan!

Experience Rock N' Roll like you've never seen or heard it before!

The Bloomfields are comprised of five young gentlemen who have taken a liking for the rock and roll music of the 60s. Don't mistake them for a cover/show band, for these guys take their 60s music seriously. 
Embracing influences from classic rock ‘n roll to contemporary British pop-rock acts, The Bloomfields take pride in their musical prowess and deep melodic roots. To them, music by The Beatles, The Beachboys, The Shadows, The Ventures, Dave Clark 5, Cliff Richard, Chris Montez and other rock n’ roll greats is nothing less than pure and true.

"It's happy music" as they like to call it and happy you will be when you listen, sing along, bop your head, dance, twist, shout, smile and laugh to the music of The Bloomfields. With JJ LOZANO on the lead Rickenbacker, LOUIE POCO on the bass Rickenbacker, PEPE LOZANO on the electric guitar, LAKAN HILA on piano/organ/keyboards and ROCKY COLLADO on the drums.

Catch them live at the KCC Convention and Events Center on July 3 at 6:00pm.

KCC Mall of Gensan and The Bloomfields promise everyone a boogie-good time.

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Coz everythings’ here at KCC for you and your family!

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  1. Mark your calendars everyone this is a must-see free show and thanks to
    KCC or bringing them here in Gensan! Pls like the groups oficial fan
    page click the link guys---

  2. I would really love to watch them perform, hope they could stage it also here in Davao, lucky you Gensan its free!.. hats-off to NCCC .. XD

  3. it's KCC po not NCCC.. ^^

  4.  I love ROCKY COLLADO!! WHOOT! X) hahaha.

  5. I love ROCKY COLLADO!! WHOOT! X) hahaha.


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