South Cotabato Province Official Website is back!

After months of waiting, South Cotabato Province's Official website is finally back with a new lay-out design and updated informations! Two thumbs up and congratulations to the Information Division and IT Department of the South Cotabato provincial government! Here's a screenshot.

Truth be told, this humble blog SOUTH COTABATO NEWS ONLINE, is often mistaken to be the official website of South Cotabato. And Nanardz is humbled and proud that this blog about South Cotabato has somehow kept everyone updated with the going-ons within the province in one-way or another. And just to emphasize, SOUTH COTABATO NEWS ONLINE is a personal blog and is just a simple way for its publisher to help in promoting the province of South Cotabato.

Nanardz with the rest of the admins of South Cotabato Tambayan is also very grateful to all our members and readers- Madamu gid nga Salamat! As of July 25, 2011, South Cotabato News Online already have 246,673 pageviews (31,214 pageviews from the period July 1- July 25,2011 - T'nalak Festival), while SOUTH COTABATO TAMBAYAN already have 285,709 pageviews and 46,760 absolute unique visitors since May 2009.

While the South Cotabato Province Official website is now back online, South Cotabato News Online and South Cotabato Tambayan assure everyone that it will continue to connect South Cotabate├▒os worldwide through news and informations.. and music.. and live tv streaming, and more.



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