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The province of South Cotabato has undoubtedly grown to become a destination of unique experiences.  From the thrill of the Seven Falls zipline adventure with its awe-inspiring views to the diverse and vibrant arts and culture that call South Cotabato home. 

The province’s tourism industry is at the vanguard of creating exponential growth and contributing to South Cotabato ’s progress and development. 

A dynamic tourism industry can be at the forefront of attracting foreign exchange, and stimulating economic development in industries from hospitality, construction, property development, transportation, and retail, to a vast array of small business areas such as currency exchange, restaurants and cafes, and tourism operations. 

In light of the Philippines’ strengthened tourism industry, the province of South Cotabato through its strategic tourism promotional activities is moving to increase their brand recognition and brand power.

When consumers decide on a destination for a vacation or a convention, there are numerous “brands” that vie to grab their interest.  What makes a strong brand different from others is that it has an attractive appeal to tourists founded on pivotal advantages. While factors such as cost of travel, quality of facilities and convenience play a decisive role, one of the deep-seated motivators in the destination selection process is “image,” built on emotional appeal that enhances the opportunities to be the destination of choice.

In a country of more than seven thousand islands and places of interest to visit, it is clear that we are all competing for the consumer’s attention.  But what sets a destination apart in a roster of great places to visit is a strong and clearly articulated brand position. 

For the province of South Cotabato this is vital to promoting and marketing the province as an ideal destination because, “without a position, it is almost impossible to achieve a meaningful and sustainable point of differentiation.”

A unique brand position gives a destination gravitas, it has pull.  And moreover it makes people want to break out of their usual everyday routine, pack their bags and visit the Province of South Cotabato together with their family and friends.  Whether it’s across from neighboring provinces and cities from throughout the region, the country or the ocean it is vital that a destination has to make people want to visit.  This undoubtedly requires an inspirational promise that holds true to the experience which can be reliably delivered. 

Creating a differentiation is important to a strong competitive position which can in turn contribute to a believable, differentiating, relevant, memorable and deliverable promise of value for the province of South Cotabato as a one of a kind destination in the Philippines.

For the past years the province of South Cotabato has been using the brand “South Cotabato: Simply Beyond Your Expectations” in conjunction with its various promotional materials.  

Today through the efforts of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, the Department of Trade and Investment – South Cotabato Office and the South Cotabato Tourism Council, Inc. we aim to refresh this with a new brand. 

Our doors are open for suggestions to be sent together with your name, address and contact details to E-mail:, "LIKE" us and send us a private message through our Facebook Page: SOUTH COTABATO ACTS (Arts, Culture, Tourism and Sports Promotions Unit) or visit us at the ACTS Office located at the 2nd Floor, Right Wing, South Cotabato Gymnasium and Cultural Center, Alunan Avenue, City of Koronadal or contact Telefax +63 83 2283447.

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  1. they should drop the "your" and run it as "SIMPLY BEYOND EXPECTATIONS"

  2. I agree to Mr. Orman!


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