South Cotabato Youth Leader leads Your Big Year, a search for Global Ambassador 2012

Here's a good news for South Cotabate├▒os. 

Kayla Marie Sarte from Banga, South Cotabato currently leads the second stage of Your Big Year's Top 111 out of the more than 60,000 participants who competed from all over the world.

An official and featured event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Your Big Year was created by Smaller Earth as a way to engage people in the themes of entrepreneurship and global citizenship. It is a global competition that helps to answer the question “What is global citizenship and why is it important to us?”

Kayla Marie a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Notre Dame of Marbel University. She has a deep passion for education and higher studies, an advocate of social entrepreneurship and global citizenship. Kyla Marie Sarte was Notre Damian of the Year Awardee and was a student ambassador of the Philippines to Japan when she was only 17.

As part of Your Big Year competition, Kayla Marie Sarte is required to partake in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, create and publish a press release, pass a video which answers the question, “How can you help smaller earth achieve its 2020 vision of impacting 20 million lives?” and a video of three individuals saying what their big year is. Kayla Sarte and her established co-members in the movement for youth empowerment, Elnar and Arnel Robles and Danzelle Mangkot  together with the SK Provincial Federation headed by Hon. Michelle Ann Jaena Jabonete will also create a social network that will connect all the youths in the Philippines and link them to different international opportunities to widen their horizons and a youth congress in April to spread Social Entrepreneurship and Global Citizenship, making the earth smaller.

The Top 12 successful contenders will then fly to Liverpool, UK for the final round and one finalist will emerge as the Smaller Earth Ambassador who will tour around the following counties: UK, Romania, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, India, Australia, Zambia and Zimbabwe and will take part in different press interviews and global conferences and meetings.

Let us support our kababayan and the only Filipino who made it to the next stage from 60, 000 entries around the world (200 countries).

To vote for Kayla and get her to the top 12 to compete in Liverpool, UK and bring the Philippines’ name:

1. Find Smaller Earth Facebook Page and like the page

2. Then below the profile picture of Smaller Earth, click YBY Video Vote
3. Click enter to vote then (Click log in –Click allow)
4. Type 45 in the Go to #: ___
5. Go to Video 45, then click vote

Poof! As easy as that! Let’s help our fellow Filipino get to Liverpool, UK and put our country once more to the global arena. Hurry, share this page and get your friends to follow the same steps!

Note: In case you see a SECURE BROWSING problem

*account setting-->security-->secure browsing (edit)-->(uncheck) save changes

Then go back to the voting!

And in case there’s a problem with the site when you log in..just find your way around and VOTE FOR #45

If she wins, Kayla will travel to UK, USA, Romania, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Australia and India and meet and speak in front of world leaders of different countries, UN assemblies and One Young World in 2012 to spread Social Entrepreneurship and Global Citizenship and promote Smaller Earth the Organizer.

Vote for Kyla now. Click this link.


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