Phil Florencia Resort, “The Perfect Getaway”

If you are tired of the busy streets of the city, traffic brought by numerous vehicles heading to their different destinations and all sort of pollution that is very common in the urban areas and you wanted to unwind, relax, or be at peace without hearing any destructive noises and experience being one with nature, well this awesome resort must definitely be at the top of your list of destinations. 

Located in Purok Roxas, Barangay San Jose, Banga, South Cotabato and approximately 15 to 20 minutes ride through the paved roads from the municipality proper and a single motorcycle or commonly known as “habal-habal” as the mode of transportation, heading to this breathtaking vista is beyond doubt, accessible.

This very fascinating tourist spot is the Phil Florencia Resort, own and managed by Mrs. Marcelina Feliprada Langhans. “The Perfect Getaway” as the resort’s tag line has undeniably complimented the scenery that surrounds it. Phil Florencia Resort is really perfect for those who missed the peaceful living in a farm and wants to experience it again in a more relaxing way.

Take a plunge and be unperturbed by the cold and invigorating waters of these spring resort and adding more to the feeling of serenity is its countryside ambiance visible through their indigenous crafts and decorations.
Foods? Not a problem, Phil Florencia Resort is accepting orders of foods available on their menu, and rest assured that when you want to enjoy the rest of the day with some ice cold beer or other liquors, they got it for you but of course just like any other resorts, drinking moderately is strictly observed.

Banga as the home of some of the finest resorts in South Cotabato is tying its best to provide not only the locals but also those from other places tourist spots in which they can spend their time with their families and loved ones. Phil Florencia Resort is considered to be an asset of the municipality that when you get to visit the place they'll make sure that it will be a memorable one.
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