T'nalak Festival 2013 this July in South Cotabato

Less than two months from now, the Province of South Cotabato will celebrate the T'nalak Festival 2013. Being the biggest festival in the province, T'nalak Festival 2013 will once again showcase South Cotabato's bounty, rich culture and traditions.

A friend from the tourism office of South Cotabato disclosed that initial meeting in preparation for T'nalak Festival 2013 was already conducted especially that there will be a new provincial administration by the month of July. The line up of events were already made and the tentative date for this year's week-long celebration will be from July 13- 18, 2013

The T'nalak Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities will be also released any time soon.
This year, T'nalak Festival  will be celebrated on July 13-18, 2013
Just like the other years, various activities are lined up for T'nalak Festival 2013. These includes the bahay kubo competition at Alunan Avenue wherein different products and crops of each town are displayed, agri-industrial and trade exposition, nightly concerts with local and popular bands and invited artists at the SMRAA Grounds and at the South Cotabato Gymnasium, job fairs, agricultural fair and plant exhibits, motocross and different sports competitions to name a few.

A balikbayan night will be also held to again honor South Cotabate├▒os working and living abroad who opt to go home to witness the T'nalak Festival celebration this year. Also not to be missed is the cheer dancing competition to be participated by different schools in the province, the Mutya ng South Cotabato 2013 beauty pageant and of course the T'nalak Festival Grand Parade 2013 in the morning of July 18 and the T'nalak Festival Street Dancing Showdown during the anniversary program in the afternoon.

T'nalak Festival 2013 is now on it's 14th year and coincides with the 48th Foundation Anniversary of South Cotabato as a province. The festival is named after the province's cultural emblem -the T'nalak, a woven fabric made from abaca by the T'boli women in South Cotabato.

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