Kanami Koronadal T-Shirt Design Contest (Extended!)

JUNETTE HURTADO IN ACTION a Facebook –based fan page run by supporters and friends of City of Koronadal Councilor Junette Hurtado is looking for talented designers/ lay-out artists to join the Kanami Koronadal T-Shirt Design Contest.

The competition is open to the general public starting July 15 to August 15, 2013 August 31, 2013 (extended) 11:00pm.

The T-shirt design concept can be funny, inspirational or both and should be reflective of things that could best describe the City of Koronadal, such as its landmarks, products, etc. It should be visually striking and impressive, as well as easy and affordable to print onto a T-Shirt and work well on white and navy blue shirts.

Submission Details:

• There is no fee to enter the contestand participants may submit more than one design with a maximum of three designs per person.
• Designs should be submitted electronically via a private message (through attachment) in a .jpeg or .png format to the JUNETTE HURTADO IN ACTION Fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/junettehurtadoInAction)
• All designs submitted should include the following in writing:

  • The reasons for the selection of design elements, including an explanation of how the logo is related to City of Koronadal
  • A brief resume on the person submitting the logo, including Facebook profile URL
• Participants should also LIKE the JUNETTE HURTADO IN ACTION Fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/junettehurtadoInAction)
• All entries submitted for the contest will remain the property of the organizer and will not be returned to the participants. All entries becomes sole property of the organizer and may not be used for any other purposes by the participant/s.

Selection of Winner
Shortlisted design ideas will be posted on the JUNETTE HURTADO IN ACTION Fanpage and design with the most number of LIKES in a given period will win the prize.

Only 10 shortlisted design ideas will be posted on the JUNETTE HURTADO IN ACTION Fanpage after selection by personal preference by Hon. Junette Hurtado. After which, it will be open for public from August 30 to September 15, 2013. From the 10 designs, the top 3 photo/layout with highest number of “likes” will be considered for final judging.

The winning design will be announced on the fanpage on September 20, 2013, and he/she will receive a cash prize of P 3,000.

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