Countdown to T'nalak Festival 2014 begins

The countdown is now on to this year's biggest and colorful event in South Cotabato, the T'nalak Festival 2014 - a week-long celebration set from July 11-18 that will showcase the province's bounty, rich culture and traditions and commemorate South Cotabato's founding anniversary.

With less than three months to go preparations for  T'nalak Festival 2014 are now underway. The T'nalak Festival 2014 schedule of activities and theme are expected to be released very soon.

Organizers have also announced that the provincial government have allocated a bigger budget for this year's festivity. So, expect a bigger and grander T'nalak Festival 2014.  Read HERE.
The colorful streetdancing competition during T'nalak Festival is divided into three (3) categories - Kadsagayan A Lalan (Muslim), Medal Be'Lan (T'boli) and Kasadyahan sa Kapatagan (Christian). It is participated by different contingents coming from the 10 municipalities of South Cotabato and the City of Koronadal. 
Photo by Jose Edang.
Some of the most anticipated events during T'nalak Festival every year are the Search for Mutya ng South Cotabato, T'nalak Festival Parade and Streetdancing Competition, celebrity concerts, hip hop and cheerdance competitions, motocross and "disco sa kalye" or street party.
It is during T'nalak Festival that a new Mutya ng South Cotabato is crowned.
The motocross competition held during T'nalak Festival is also a crowd drawer. 
Photo by Rodson Matulac.
The Bahay Kubo Showcase during T'nalak Festival features the huts made from bamboos by the province's artisan and craftsmen. It also showcases the different products found in each municipalities.
Other events includes the Agri Fair and Plant Exhibit, Bahay Kubo and Product Display Competition, Trade Expo, Trade & Industrial skills Competition, different sport competitions and many more.

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