Yaman Gensan's MSME Going Global Conference set on June 20

Today, the world continues to become one big market and regional economies like ASEAN continue to evolve into integrated single markets and production bases. 

These economic trends open up opportunities for businesses to tap an ever-growing global market for various products and services but also present many challenges including international price competition, higher product quality requirements, and sourcing of increasingly scarce raw materials, among others. For developing countries like the Philippines, where the majority of businesses are micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the challenges are even more real and daunting. 

In the face of global competition, MSME's are generally disadvantaged by their small size and lack of economies of scale, weak financial capabilities, traditional and old technologies, and limited access to markets.

How can MSMEs in the Philippines, especially those in less developed areas like Mindanao and other regions, take advantage of the expanding global market? How can they stand up to both domestic and international business competition? How can they cope with their weaknesses and challenges?

You can find out the answers to these and other questions by participating in the Yaman Gensan’s MSMEs Going Global Conference on 20-21 June 2014 at the KCC Convention Center in General Santos City, Philippines. 

This is organized by General Santos City Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council, Inc. (GSC SMEDCI) and the Southmin Fairtrade Network, Inc. (SFNI) as part of their advocacy work.
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