International Folkloric Festival to be held in Koronadal on August 9- 18

All roads lead to the City of Koronadal this August for the CIOFF International Folkloric Festival.

The event which will be held on August 9-18, 2015 will be participated by at least 11 countries with more than 200 performers who will showcase their respective traditional folklore and folk arts.

The City of Koronadal will feature Pyesta Kolon Datal during the  CIOFF International Folkloric Festival which will highlight the year-long celebration of the 75th Foundation Anniversary of Koronadal as a Settlement and will give tribute and celebrate the culture of the Blaan tribe, Koronadal's early dwellers.

Pyesta Kolon Datal will also showcase Blaans' arts and crafts, dances and other traditions.
The Blaans are considered the early settlers in Koronadal.  The word Koronadal is believed to have been derived from two (2) B’laan words Koron or Kolon (Cogon Grass) and Nadal or Datal (Plain).
CIOFF is an international non-governmental Organization (NGO) in formal consultative relations with UNESCO. Created in 1970, the duty of CIOFF is safeguarding, promotion and diffusion of traditional culture and folklore.

During the International Folkloric Festival, there will be also street dancing, lecture demo, matinee and gala full shows, cultural forum and performances, travel mart, community immersions, night market and a lot more. Watch the CIOFF 2015 teaser below.
Pyesta Kolon D'tal
Come and enjoy Pyesta Kolon Datal in City of Koronadal on August 2015. 
To know more about Pyesta Kolon Datal and the International Folkloric Festival 2015, visit the CIOFF Koronadal website and follow CIOFF 2015 Koronadal-Philippines on Facebook.

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