Caera and the story behind her photography

Caera Grace Lastimosa Agduma or simply Caera is a survivor in her own right. In her 24 years of existence she managed to overcome her dark past and became a messenger of the words of God. She is one of the rising photographers in SOCCSKSARGEN. She is improving and evolving as a photographer and nothing can stop her in expressing her ideas in a positive way.

Caera recounts the days when she lost herself. As I describe her, she is a good girl gone badly because of what she experienced in her family. “I rebelled to my parents before,” Caera said. “I neglected my studies, I smoked marijuana, I partied a lot and did many other things that a rebel youngster would do.”

When I heard all of these, I was a bit surprised because I can’t imagine how she was able to overcome all of it. “That time, Harry Potter and witchcraft were my form of escapism,” as she remembered. “Before, I cannot face the reality so I secluded myself and went into my world.”

It’s a spiral of negativity that’s hard to untangle. But thru God’s help, she excluded them out. “All of the said negativities in my life were all gone when I reconnected with God,” she pointed out. "It was a life changing opportunity when I joined the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) last year in Antipolo City."

“YWAM is a miraculous experience. I thought I could not make it because I did not have money for my (daily) expenses. God helped me through channeling it to my friends and acquaintances.”

One of the things that she cannot forget in her YWAM experience was the Mangyan child named Alvin. Alvin inspired her in so many ways. “His innocence really amazed me.When we were in their community, he asked so many questions, he was curious of so many things and he’s fun to be with. His innocence made me realized so many things not just for myself but also for other people.” Through that experience she learned how to face the reality and her creativity started to evolve which eventually lead her to photography.

She started in photography using only her camera phone. She fondly took photos and posted it online. Luckily, it gained popularity and became an inspiration. Until one day, her mom got a Canon 600D camera because of work related tasks. She took the opportunity to use it and learn the art of photography. Her first mentor was her boyfriend, Edward James Sinforoso who taught her the basics of photography and the rest were history.

What’s remarkable about Caera as photographer is that she is more into actual practice than theory. She knows the basic in photography but she’s not really dwelling into its theory. “It hinder creativity,” as she said. Kitty Gallannaugh, Fade Longboy, Edward (her bf) and his father are her inspirations.

Caera’s photography is more into Bohemian/Gypsy style with a touch of vintage and a little twist of eccentricity. “I see things in a different way. In little things I can create a story.”

She only started photography last February but continuously gaining a lot of followers. Her Facebook page now has thousands of likes (and still counting). Caera was also the brainchild of the first “shoot out” in Koronadal City which gathered many participants. Because of its popularity, some photographers replicated this idea.

Caera with the author
At first, Caera only borrowed camera from her friends until she was able to buy her own. It was when she saw a post (online) by one of her friends who sells his camera (Nikon D700). Out of frustration, she made a shout out (on Facebook) pertaining to it which was noticed by one of her clients who helped her acquire the camera. “God is really great,” she said. “I prayed to Him and asked for it, and He gave it.”

Her works is based on creations of God. She uses photography to share the words of God. “I live by faith and I express it through photography”. Furthermore, most of her works have the touch of nature with lovely colors.

“Photography is part of my life. If you’re observant, it reflects my life, my mood and my state of mind.”

There was a time Caera experienced being bullied because of her photography, but she made that experiences as her motivation to improve her works. Instead of dwelling into it she focused on its positive side. “Through this experience, I discovered who really my friends are. I also learned to forgive,”she said.

“I really admire individuals who only competes with himself/herself and not with others,” she said. Caera admires those who only do their best and not joining the rat race.

“Don’t mind the camera,” as she said.“Try to find your (inner) creativity. Your eyes serves as your lens to the beauty of the world. Share your vision and be an inspiration.”

YADU KARU is an independent filmmaker and a photojournalist. He also blogs at YaduKaru.Com.

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