Cinemalaya film K'na, The Dreamweaver to be shown during Helobung Festival in Lake Sebu

Have you seen the schedule of activities of this year's Helobung Festival in Lake Sebu South Cotabato? One of the listed activities is the screening of Cinemalaya film K'na, The Dreamweaver.
K'na, The Dreamweaver to be shown in Lake Sebu on November 11. Photo from Facebook
I am personally excited to watch this film which does not only features the rich culture and the traditions of the Tbolis of South Cotabato but also showcases the beauty of our province. K'na, The Dreamweaver was filmed entirely in Lake Sebu. The film is about the life of a young Tboli woman named K'na who was chosen by the gods to become their tribe's next dreamweaver. It has won the Best in Production Design and the Special Jury Award in the 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival last August and was also given the grade of "A" by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

The screening of K'na, The Dreamweaver in Lake Sebu will be held on the evening of November 11, 2014 at the Municipal Gymnasium.

WATCH Trailer: K'na, The Dreamweaver

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