Traditional food showcased during Helobung Festival

The recently concluded Helobung Festival in the town of Lake Sebu did not only showcased the Tboli people's rich culture and traditions through their dances and music and other traditional activities but was also able to showcased their delectable native dishes. This was in the Kesefeken be Slung contest, in which I am so glad and honored to have been invited as one of the judges.

The contest featured different booths which displayed different products from every barangays of Lake Sebu including their traditional foods and other native dishes.
One of the attractions, grilled frogs in one of the booths
I enjoyed taking a bite of almost every food that was prepared by participating barangays in their respective booths. The traditional foods were simple yet tasty and some were exotic just like the frog dishes. I was also amazed with the ways these traditional foods were prepared and presented.

Here are some of traditional foods showcased in Kesefeken be Slung contest of Helobung Festival in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.
Grilled frogs, anyone?

Sinabawang Palaka!
Tasty Upland Rice
Agihis shells cooked in bamboo
Guinataang Kuhol
Agihis with takway
Agihis soup

Native Chicken cooked in banana leaves
Apan-apan (Adobong Kangkong)
Da-un Bekoyo (Made from Cassava leaves)
Tkung Bnalun

Boiled Cassava

Aripahol con Bukayo

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