Surallah town to celebrate 52nd Founding Anniversary

With the theme "Attaining Excellence in Governance through Kasadya Programs", the Municipality of Surallah, one of South Cotabato's most progressive towns is set to celebrate its 52nd Founding Anniversary on June 22.
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The Municipality of Surallah was created by virtue of Republic Act 3120 on June 18, 1961 as later on amended by RA 3664 on June 22, 1963.
Highlights of this year's week-long celebration which will begin on June 16 includes the LGBT Night on June 16, jobs fair on June 18, the Search for Mutya ng Surallah 2015 to be held on June 21 at the Municipal Gym, celebrity night on June 19 with invited artists Nyoy Volante, Edgar Allan De Guzman and some stand-up comedians and the Drum and Lyre Competition on June 22 to be participated by various elementary and secondary schools from all over the municipality.

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