Helobung Festival 2015 Schedule of Activities, Where to Stay & Eat in Lake Sebu

This year's Helobung Festival will be held on November 6- 11. It is Lake Sebu's most anticipated and well-attended festival in celebration of the rich culture and traditions of the people particularly of the Tboli tribe and is also a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.
Helobung Festival
A young Tboli girl in traditional costume during the Helobung Festival street dancing competition in Lake Sebu
The week-long Helobung Festival also coincides with the founding anniversary of Lake Sebu, the summer capital and eco-cultural center of South Cotabato.

Are you ready for Helobung Festival 2015? Check out the schedule of events below and plan your trip now to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato!
For more photos and other updates about Helobung Festival, click HERE.

Where to Stay and Eat in Lake Sebu
There are a lot of resorts in Lake Sebu offering high quality accommodations and food, but here are two of our most recommended for an enjoyable and memorable Helobung Festival experience. Book ahead!

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