101 Reasons to love South Cotabato

From delicious food to scenic natural attractions; exciting adventures to colorful fiestas, there's a wide array of reasons why I fell in love with South Cotabato, my beautiful province. And I am not the only one. I asked some friends, South Cotabateños and tourists alike what are the things they love the most in South Cotabato and here are their reasons for their love affair with the "Land of the Dreamweavers". 

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101 Reasons to love South Cotabato

1.) Ed Schmetz from Netherlands -  "The smiling people.. Its culture.. And for sure the beautiful environment. It is relaxing.. and the food is namit kaayo!"

2.)  Tesz De Rouck from Belgium - "Apart that it's my homeland I have freedom to go out that you don't have to be scared. The beauty of Lake Sebu, fruits and foods. My husband said South Cotabateños are very friendly.. "

3.) Linda from USA - "As an artist I've been dreaming of a paradise, a beautiful place to live in that could provide me with so much inspiration. I've found it in South Cotabato!”.
tnalak festival

4.) Neil Alvin Cuenca from Iloilo - "The humbleness of South Cotabato is what I love most despite of its grandeur and majestic wonders that the Philippines or the world rather need to indulge. It’s a jewel in the South that the Filipinos should gratify and yaunt of in terms of its impeccable culture. From a haven of agri and aquaculture to it's vibrant and enthusiastic festivals. Its diverse religion and culture are what makes the people of South Cotabato unique; venturing to unite despite of warfares and strife that most people heard about South Cotabato or Mindanao.These are wrong notions that should be blotted out. Alternately, they should explore the breathtaking beauty of the southern part of the Philippines to conquer your fears and curiosity about its marvelous and clandestine gems. Start venturing the Philippines and why not start in the south."

5.) James from Manila - “ Low cost of living! Add to that I love the views. It seems there are so many places in South Cotabato that offer such great views no matter where you are”.

south cotabato smile

6.) Jaylyn Montiague Tan from Singapore - "I love the simple & carefree yet ambitious life in South Cotabato. The genuine smile & hospitality of the people that you will meet along the way is priceless, you will really feel at home. Since I love to do road trips & explore places less travelled, South Cotabato is one of my favorite because everything that every traveller wants to see & explore with the grandeur of nature like falls, beaches, lakes & mountains. Places where you can keep appreciating the beauty of life after your one of a kind escapades & experiences. They keeps me inspired all the time personally. Tourism here is not only about the local tourist spots, most of all, it's about the heart of the people that you will really find a reason to keep on coming back. Indeed this is a place of promise & dream."

7.) Roland from Cebu - "The friendliness of the locals, the Tboli family in particular where I stayed for 3 days was an experience for me to remember.. they took good care of me and my companions when we we're there.."

8.) Jess Smith from Canada - "Lots of lovely women in South Cotabato! They're beautiful inside and out."

9.) Mia from Iloilo - "I have attended the T'nalak Festival three years ago and I just love it! I had so much fun watching the colorful street dancing and the crowd was amazing. South Cotabateños really know how  to celebrate their culture."

10.) Shugah Pauline Gonzales from Malaybalay City - "Lake Sebu, and of course the friendly people. They're very approachable.."

11.) Chris from Cotabato City - "Tilapia!"

So there you have it, just some of the reasons why South Cotabato is a destination you simply can't miss. And if these haven’t convinced you to come and visit well I don’t know what will!

Have you visited South Cotabato? What made you fall in love with my province?

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