Lake Holon reopens

Lake Holon, one of South Cotabato's popular tourist destinations closed for almost two months for rehabilitation, has reopened to visitors on Saturday, March 5, 2016 in time for the opening of Tboli's 8th Seslong Festival.
Lake Holon reopens

The reopening which was also announced through the Facebook pages of LGU- Tboli was welcomed by mountaineers and outdoors enthusiasts not only in South Cotabato but as well as from neighboring places.

On January 11, the municipal government of Tboli headed by Mayor Dibu Tuan implemented the temporary closure of the 304-hectare Lake Holon to visitors "to allow the lake to recuperate."
Lake Holon

During the temporary closure, the local government of Tboli spearheaded the conduct of trainings of drivers, tourist guides, horse drivers and other frontline service providers. Some physical structures in the lake including toilets and comfort rooms were also repaired and wooden signages were installed to guide visitors of the lake.

On March 12-13, at least 300 nature adventure enthusiasts coming from different parts of the country who have long waited to finally visit and experience the majestic lake are expected to join the second conduct of Pilgrimage to Holon, one of the events of this year's Seslong Festival.

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