Lake Holon closed to tourists from January 6 to March 16

Lake Holon, dubbed as the "Crown Jewel of the South", will be closed to tourists beginning January 6 until March 16 this year.

"Lake Holon deserves a break from receiving visitors..", stated Hon. Dibu Tuan, municipal mayor Tboli in his memorandum issued last January 3. The temporary closure of Lake Holon to trekkers will also allow the lake to recuperate and will give the management the opportunity to introduce routine repairs and maintenance of the areas as well as upgrading of skills of staffs.
The scenic Lake Holon with bloom petals on its shores
The scenic Lake Holon with bloom petals on its shores.
Photo by Jeniel Buday, Tboli Knoon Photo Contest 2017 organized by SOX PH

Considered as one of SOX Region's popular attractions, Lake Holon was also named as one of the World's Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in 2016.

Thousands of local and foreign tourists visited the lake in 2017.

The re-opening of Lake Holon this March will be in time for the town's Seslong Festival.

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