MCP provider laud PhilHealth’s financial support

“My personal concern for joining this forum is not on money. I’d been operating this business for years and let me take this opportunity to thank PhilHealth for the sustainable operation of our Lying-in Facility. I am thankful, too that nurses are already accepted as maternity care package (MCP) provider,” Irma Pagatpatan of Kidapawan City Maternity Center said during the second day of the ReachOut Forum held May 25, 2018 at Cinco Niñas, Koronadal.
Ms. Irma Pagatpatan of Kidapawan City Maternity Center who said, “Thanks to PhilHealth!” during the second day of the ReachOut Forum held May 25, 2018 at Cinco Niñas, City of Koronadal, South Cotabato .

While most of the participants were complaining and harboring about the length of time in claims processing, Ms. Pagatpatan from Kidapawan, North Cotabato has singly stood out and openly stated her gratitude for the corporation.

I am not getting any younger anymore and I may have been a devoted servant in assisting mothers in delivering their babies; I think few years from now, I may no longer handle the same safely. That is why, I am asking for the requirements needed to qualify nurses as your MCP provider,” she said.

OIC Head of the Health Care Delivery and Management Division (HCDMD), Dr. Antoniette M. Ladio has acknowledged her statements and narrated all the necessary requirements for the nurse’s accreditation requirement to qualify them as MCP providers.

“This corporation has been true to its commitment of bridging the gap with its partners and sincere in all its intention of providing the best services for its members and we in the management team is happy to note that there is one facility owner who has the same passion of bringing the same intention to our clients,” Ladio said
More of the participants during the first day of the ReachOut Forum held May 24, 2018 at Cinco, Niñas, City of Koronadal, South Cotabato.Raising his concern is the Chief of the South Cotabato Provincial Hospital, Dr. Conrado M. Braña, Jr.

In response to those who had been complaining about the delayed reimbursement, the OIC for the Office of the Regional Vice President, Engr. Eugenio C. Donatos, II said that there is only one major cause and that is the transitory period of claims processing from manual to electronics.

“We had been telling you since 2016 that we need to adopt what the national government requires us to do in processing transactions with our stakeholders. Several official issuances had been released for everybody’s information that once all of us will adopt the electronic system, we will find everything easy in processing your claims. Right now our personnel are handling both the manual and electronic transaction. That has definitely caused the delay. That is why, effective June this year, we will be requiring all of you to transmit all your documents electronically. We need to adopt the system in order to fast tract everything,” Donatos explained.

All other issues and concerns pertaining to health care delivery, quality assurance benefits, collection, membership, tax, fraud, IT related matters were answered by the panelists coming from HCDMD, Field Operations Division, Management Division, Information Technology Management Section and the Legal Office.

The second day of this forum was solely conducted for the Rural Health Units, maternity care providers, birthing homes and lying-in facility owners while the first day was done for government chiefs of government hospitals and private hospital owners in the Region. (hanah g. naanep, PRO III)

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