South Cotabato among Top 9 Provinces in PCCI's Business-Friendly LGU Awards

In a remarkable achievement, South Cotabato has secured its place among the top Local Government Units (LGUs) recognized for their outstanding business-friendly policies. The Province of South Cotabato is one of the nine (9) LGUs under the Province Level Category that were shortlisted in this year's prestigious PCCI Most Business-Friendly LGU Awards.

The award, presented annually by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), celebrates LGUs that have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to fostering a conducive business environment, encouraging investment, and spurring economic growth. South Cotabato's inclusion in this esteemed group is a testament to the province's dedication to facilitating business activities and supporting the local business community.

Local entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders in South Cotabato have expressed their appreciation for the province's efforts in simplifying procedures, reducing bureaucracy, and providing support for businesses of all sizes. This acknowledgment by the PCCI reinforces the province's position as a thriving business hub.
Top 9 Most Business-Friendly Provinces according to PCCI

South Cotabato's recognition in the PCCI Most Business-Friendly LGU Awards not only highlights its past achievements but also sets a promising path for its future economic development. The province stands as a shining example of how collaboration between the government and the business sector can lead to prosperity and success.
"Our commitment to economic growth and business development remains unwavering, and as we continue to strive for excellence, this recognition from the PCCI will serve as a source of motivation to maintain and expand our business-friendly initiatives," said South Cotabato Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr in his Facebook page.
South Cotabato's success in earning its place among the most business-friendly LGUs in the country is a source of pride, and the province is prepared to continue on its journey of progress and prosperity.

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