Observance of Undas 2023 in Region 12 generally peaceful, orderly

According to a report by the Police Regional Office (PRO) 12, the observance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day in Region 12 was generally peaceful and without any major incidents or violations. PRO-12 deployed a total of 2,498 police personnel across the region to facilitate public convergence and maintain security throughout the duration of the event. To provide efficient assistance and guidance to visitors, 184 Police Assistance Desks (PADs) were established in cemeteries across the region.

PBGEN JIMILI L MACARAEG, Regional Director of PRO 12, commended the peaceful and orderly celebration of Undas, attributing its success to the tight security measures implemented by the various police units. He also acknowledged the invaluable contribution of community-based volunteers, civic groups, and government partners who collaborated with the police in ensuring the safety and convenience of those commemorating their dearly departed.

As the observance concluded, PRO 12 remains vigilant by continuing to enhance security measures and police operations. These measures are intended to safeguard the safety and security of travelers returning to their respective destinations after paying their respects to their loved ones.

"PRO 12 continues to work tirelessly to serve and protect the public, and we remain dedicated to upholding our mission to maintain peace and order within the region. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the community for their cooperation and trust, which has been instrumental in the success of this important observance," emphasized PBGEN MACARAEG.

The harmonious collaboration between law enforcement, community volunteers, civic groups, and government partners ensured that Undas 2023 was commemorated peacefully and reverently. As the region continues to navigate challenges, the commitment to safety and order remains unwavering, with the police and community working hand in hand to foster a secure and peaceful environment.

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