LOOK: Former Senator Tito Sotto spotted with PFP leaders

A series of photos making rounds on Facebook has ignited curiosity and conjecture, showcasing former Senator Tito Sotto in the company of prominent figures from the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP), notably PFP President and South Cotabato Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr., and PFP Secretary-General Tom Lantion. Accompanying these images is a caption detailing a "surreal exchange of thoughts and opinions" during an acquaintance gathering, featuring Governor Tamayo, alongside other key PFP officials and Sotto.

The presence of Sotto alongside high-profile PFP personalities has prompted speculation regarding his potential affiliation or involvement with the party. Although the photos hint at a connection between Sotto and the PFP, no official statement has been issued confirming his membership or active participation within the organization.

These images have piqued the interest of political observers and the general public, with many eagerly anticipating further insights into Sotto's potential role within the PFP. As curiosity grows, individuals await additional developments or announcements shedding light on Sotto's potential engagement with the party.

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