South Cotabato ready for El Niño, affirms Governor Tamayo

Under the leadership of Governor Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr., the province of South Cotabato affirms its readiness for the potential impacts of El Niño, ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to address the challenges posed by this weather phenomenon.

Governor Tamayo underscored the province's preparedness, highlighting the availability of necessary facilities and funds to mitigate potential damages that may arise during this period of intense heat. The provincial government remains committed to safeguarding the welfare of its residents amidst the challenges brought about by El Niño.

Furthermore, Governor Tamayo emphasized the continued maintenance of water impounding areas and irrigation systems, particularly those servicing areas cultivated with high-value crops. This proactive approach ensures that essential agricultural activities remain sustained, contributing to the province's food security and economic stability.

Governor Tamayo also expressed hope that South Cotabato can effectively address other effects of the hot weather, notably by guaranteeing a sufficient water supply in water impounding areas and provincial dams to support irrigation needs. By prioritizing water resource management, the province aims to minimize potential disruptions to agricultural production and livelihoods.

In line with these efforts, OIC Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Officer Rolly Doane C. Aquino issued a reminder to residents to minimize outdoor activities, especially during the El Niño season. He urged everyone to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration and ensure their well-being during this period of heightened weather conditions.

As South Cotabato remains steadfast in its preparations and proactive measures, Governor Tamayo and the provincial government reaffirm their commitment to protecting the community and ensuring resilience in the face of environmental challenges.

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