It's the month of March, and fun never stops here in South Cotabato! Here are major events and festivals in South Cotabato you should not miss this month.

Pasundayag Festival (March 1-4) - This is the biggest annual event held in the Municipality of Banga which is also a celebration of the town's foundation anniversary as a settlement district in the year 1941. A colorful showcase of the town's local talents, beauty and culture, some of the events for this year's Pasundayag Festival to look forward to includes the Horse Race/Show at the Banga Central Elementary School beginning March 2, the Search for Pinakama-anyag nga Lin-ay sang Banga 2012 on March 3 at the Municipal Gymnasium and the Culmination Program which will be highligted by a Rural Dancing Showdown on March 4  at the Banga Municipal Plaza. (Click here for full Pasundayag Festival 2012 schedule)

Kamayadan Festival (March 1-10) - Coined from an Ilonggo term MAYAD which means GOOD. Kamayadan Festival is a street dancing festival which recognizes the varied cultures and traditions of the people of Norala. And the town being the province's biggest rice producer - Kamayadan Festival is also a thanksgiving for good harvest. The Search for Mutya ng Norala 2012 will be held on March 8 and the Kamayadan Festival streetdancing showdown will be on March 10. (Check out this site for schedule)

Seslong Festival (March 5-16) - a T’boli tongue which means gather together in a certain place for various socio-cultural heritage. T’boli and B’laan native songs and dances are the main attractions of the Seslong festival. It will start on March 5 and will be highlighted by a street dancing competition on the culmination day. (Check out this site for schedule)

Amyak Maleh 2012 - As part of the commemoration of the declaration of Mt. Matutum as a protected landscape, the town of Tupi, South Cotabato holds the celebration of AMYAK MALEH, a B'laan words meaning "climb and plant". This year's Amyak Maleh celebration includes activities like the usual climb and planting activities on March 23-25 (click here for the itinerary), the search for the Diwata ng Matutum, the Run for Matutum on March 18 and more.

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