The municipal government of T'boli has finally gave Lake Holon, its popular tourism destination a break.

The LGU-T'boli has closed Lake Holon to tourists and the public since June 15, 2014.

The temporary closure of Lake Holon will last for about nine months or until March 2015. It will give way for some rehabilitation works, improvements  in the area and to prepare the community for possible influx of tourists next year.

LGU-T'boli also plans to build new resort facilities like cottages and view decks, among others.

Lake Holon, taken from the camping site at the peak of Mt. Melibingoy
Nestled in the crater of Mt. Melibingoy (Mt. Parker) that stands 1,756 meters above sea level, Lake Holon is a favorite camping destination in the Province of South Cotabato. It magnificently lies and covers about 304 hectares wide and has been recognized as one of the Cleanest Inland Body of Water in the Philippines.

While Lake Holon is closed, tourists can visit other destinations in T'boli. These includes the Bakngeb Cave in Barangay Laconon, Lamhaku Hot Spring in Brgy. Lamhaku , and Hidak Falls and Hikong Kemebel in Brgy. Kematu.

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