Mt. Matutum Amyak Maleh 2011 Photographer's Camp

In celebration of the 16th anniversary of the declaration of Mount Matutum as a protected landscape, the International Year of the Forest and the commemoration of the 100th year of Mt. Matutum's Eruption, we cordially invites all photography enthusiasts (whether hobbyist, amateur and professional) to join AMYAK MALEH 2011 PHOTOGRAPHER'S CAMP, a 3-day event happening on March 4-6, 2011.

Prepare your camping gears, get ready to plant trees and win exciting prizes by joining the photo contest. Check out the poster below for details.

This event is being supported by Tupi Tourism Council and the Local Government of Tupi, the South Cotabato Culture and Arts Foundation, Inc.,(SCAAFI), Alliance of Culture and Arts, Tourism Officers and Sports Coordinators of South Cotabato (ACTS-SC) and the Association of Tourism Officers of SOCSKSARGEN (ATOS).

For inquiries and further information please contact Rolly Visaya at 09351887066.

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