The Giant Belen @South Cotabato Provincial Capitol

This year’s attraction at the South Cotabato Provincial Capitol is their Giant Belen situated at the Capitol’s main balcony. 

Colorful, shining and dazzling Christmas lights and Christmas decorations can also be seen at the Capitol’s compound. The big trees on the outside were lighted up perfectly that really shows the joyous spirit of christmas season along with the Christmas songs played with their sound system that makes the mood of the Capitol so festive. 

On the outside, you can treat yourself, family and friends with the different food stalls lined up that will surely satisfy your hunger with a splendid view of the well-formed capitol’s Christmas scenery.


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  1. Thanks my friend Raiza Esimos Boldios for the update.. welcome to blogging, and yes, happy holidays South Cotabato! :)


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