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On June 9, 2012 this blog together with the provincial government of South Cotabato, Google, South Cotabato Google Map Makers group, SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers, South Cotabato-ACTS and STI Koronadal will be holding the South Cotabato Google Map Makers Summit to be attended by different sectors in the province. More or less 50 participants are expected to attend, most of them from the different LGU's in South Cotabato including representatives from each municipal planning and tourism offices, private and business establishment owners, students and teachers, and others.

But, Is there really a need to map South Cotabato online using Google Map Maker? The current images of the 10 towns of South Cotabato and of the City of Koronadal on Google Maps/Google Earth will help you answer. (click image for a larger view)
The Municipality of Banga on Google Maps. Huge white clouds covering the entire poblacion, blurry imagery on other parts.
The town of Lake Sebu as seen on Google Maps. Popular as "the summer capital of  South  Mindanao" and famous for the zipline and the Seven Falls,  naming and putting the different resorts here and other establishments would be very useful in tourism promotions.
Norala on Google Maps. Blurry/ No imagery - this is one of the concerns that will be  tackled on June 9. Can you spot where the famous Norala Chicken House? How about Lampara Garden?
Municipality of Sto.NiƱo in Google Maps
Tampakan poblacion in Google Maps. Most part of the poblacion is covered with clouds.
Tantangan on Google Map
Google Maps have been proven very useful especially in disaster preparedness (naming of disaster prone areas, evacuation centers, police and fire stations, etc.), peace and order management, public information, business promotions and tourism development. In other cities, Google Maps were even used in tax mapping.
Part of the City of Koronadal on Google Maps. Clear view but many streets and establishments are still unnamed.
The Municipality of Polomolok on Google Map. One of the most progressive towns in Mindanao and home to many multi-national companies including DOLE, who would believe that most of it's streets and roads are still unnamed. Blurred imagery can actually be resolve with the use of GPS-enabled mobile phones, this is one of the topics at the South Cotabato Google Map Maker Summit.
The Municipality of T'boli as viewed on Google Map. 
Tupi on Google Maps.
The municipality of  Surallah as seen on Google Maps. Thanks to me and my 149 edits so far (mostly in Surallah) and other contributors, soon all of  my hometown's streets will be named using Google Map Maker though the current map is outdated (take notice of the Surallah Integrated Transport Terminal and the rotunda). I hope that the municipal planning office will be helpful (and accomodating) after the summit.
Putting and naming places  and getting approved on Google Maps gives me a great sense of accomplishment knowing that it could be of big help. I hope participants to the South Cotabato Google Map Maker Summit will experience the same after the event.

The South Cotabato Google Map Maker Summit will take place on June 9, 2012 8am- 5pm at the Audio-visual Room, STI-Koronadal, City of Koronadal. South Cotabato News Atbp will keep you posted. :)


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  1. yes ,we need to put the whole Philippines to google map .it is a big help for everybody especially those who are out of the country like me. Once in a while, i checked mu parents house on google map ,and seeing the roof of their house and the neighborhood makes me feel I'm home.

  2. Hey Nardz, nakapagregister na ba ako? Libre pamasahe? :D

  3. I agree with Ms. Tess... It's about time the whole country should be properly labeled into Google Maps.... It would not only help the Pinoys find their way.. even the people abroad could easily plan out their itinerary with such easy access to our map... It can lead to a boost in tourism... small things do matter.... 

  4. advance congratulations for your unselfish endeavors.
    i hope to  visit your province in the near future.

  5. ngeeee.. pati pamasahe? Go with the Sox Bloggers you will help facilitate :D

  6. Thanks sir Eric! soon nobody will get lost in South Cotabato! :)

  7. unsugarcoatedreviewsJun 1, 2012, 1:59:00 AM

    It's good that South Cotabato is doing this project. I hope other provinces will follow suit.

  8. Kalabasa K. KamoteJun 1, 2012, 3:55:00 AM

    This will be a big help to people who want to visit South Cotabato. The Department of Tourism should also endorse mapping endeavors like this. 

  9. Kalabasa K. KamoteJun 1, 2012, 3:59:00 AM

    This will be a big help to people who want to visit South Cotabato. The Department of Tourism should also endorse mapping endeavors like this. 

  10. Google Map is indeed a very helpful tool. I also use this when searching an unfamiliar place so I can have idea about landmark and avoid getting lost. - KarenT

  11. MAPPING is indeed a useful and helpful application.
    Searching makes easy. At least I can see South Cotabato
    using this google maps.

  12. The map is super helpful. I can see Cotabato even in google maps only.

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