3 Useful Online Tools for Managing Business Expense

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Running a business means taking into account everything that can give you operational efficiency. Especially if you are just starting out and most likely running on a tight budget, it can be overwhelming and yet particularly important to save up. But what about the tools you need to run your business? Surely, you can't put everything into savings. What if you don't have enough capital to expand and innovate your business? The three online tools below may help solve some of the dilemma and equip you with things you can use long-term:

Coming up with a name for your business can be a daunting proposition. There's no assurance that the name will stick or that it will fully represent what you, your company and your products stand for. With PickyDomains, you can feel more reassured as you don't have to rely on yourself alone or on people close to your business to pick out your company name. You can use the power of crowdsourcing, having a pool of ideas coming from literally thousands - in fact, more than 50,000 - of contributors registered with the website. It's relatively simple. You just need to sign up as a client, pay a downpayment fee ($50 for a domain or name and $75 for a slogan) and submit a list stating how you want the name or slogan to turn out. The service is risk-free, with a money-back guarantee - you pay nothing if you like nothing.

Designed as a social enterprise network and CRM in one, Bitrix24 enables you to manage your business and operations without making it seem like too much work. The social network interface helps to create that flow of communications between employees, employers, even clients. There are also added functionalities such as a calendar, task and project collaboration system, file and document management system, to name a few, all of which are for free. Privacy settings can also be adjusted so that your information is shared only with relevant parties. Data is stored in the cloud and can be accessible via a mobile phone so you have less to worry when it comes to security and portability. But the best part of this service is that it comes free for companies with a maximum of 12 persons. Those who wish to upgrade to unlimited users can do so by paying an affordable fee of $99 per month. Support is also available to both paying and free members.

JetRadar.com is a handy online tool, especially when the demands of running your business include frequent travel. You no longer need to hop from one airline site to another and you also get to save up on money paid to travel agencies. With JetRadar, you can search a database that includes 738 airline sites and hundreds of travel websites. You can get information on final price listings as well as other information pertinent to your travel, such as currency exchange rates, weather conditions and estimated travel time.


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