Gensan's first SM Savemore soon to rise!

Gensan's first Savemore Market will soon rise in Purok Malakas, Brgy. San Isidro. The exact location will be at the wide vacant lot at the back of J & G Propiedad Building at Nuñez Street. 

Check out the following photos taken 2 days ago (June 21, 2013) from the site of the proposed Savemore Market in Purok Malakas.
As shown in the photos heavy equipment including a huge crane and trucks which is believed to have the construction materials are already on site. The clearing of the SM Savemore site started last month.
Although there are no tarpaulin or billboards onsite, tenants of J&G Propiedad Building confirmed that this development in the area is being undertaken for the SM Savemore. 
Other tenants also disclosed that portions of the second building of J&G Propiedad will soon be demolished perhaps to make Savemore Market visible along Nuñez Street when completed.
When completed SM Savemore in Purok Malakas will serve the residents of Brgy. City Heights and San Isidro and is expected to generate employment and income for General Santos City.

Always check back here at SouthCotabatoNews.Com for updates about this development. We will be posting more photos when construction of the first SM Savemore in Gensan starts.
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