In Pictures: Dolefil Kalsangi

Because not everyone can visit the exclusive Dolefil Kalsangi in Polomolok, I am sharing here the following photos taken during our recent visit.

Situated at the foot of the majestic Mt. Matutum and at the middle of the vast pineapple plantation of Dole Philippines in Polomolok, South Cotabato, Dolefil Kalsangi is an exclusive residential community for the company's top officials and management. 

Within this large property of Dole Philippines is a school of international standards, a restaurant,  souvenir shop, 9-hole golf course, kiddie playground, an Olympic sized swimming pool and a clubhouse. More photos below.
Souvenir shop at Dolefil Kalsangi
Entrance to Dolefil Clubhouse Kalsangi 
Various Dolefil products are diplayed at the lobby of Dolefil Clubhouse Kalsangi

The restaurant where guests can enjoy sumptuous food.
More photos from Dolefil Kalsangi

Tennis court at Dolefil Kalsangi

Olympic sized pool

 Kiddie Pool
Of course not to be missed when visiting Dolefil Kalsangi are the foods.

NOTE: Only Dolefil officials and regular employees are allowed to bring guests to Dolefil Kalsangi, so if you are planning to experience the place you have to ask a sponsorship from any of Dolefil regular employees and be sure to have him/her accompany and guide you all the way to Dolefil Kalsangi. Enjoy!

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