6 Cool Places To Go in South Cotabato this Summer

Magnificent culture, wonderful nature and exciting adventures, there's just so much to see and do in South Cotabato that we don't need to go far to enjoy this summer.

Here are five (5) places in South Cotabato that we recommend for you to visit and explore this summer.

1. Lake Sebu - Dubbed as the "Summer Capital of South Cotabato",  Lake Sebu is definitely on top of our list. Enjoy the town's cool weather even on a summer and don't forget to explore the famous Seven Falls, ride the zipline, enjoy the lake cruise and stay overnight in one of the resorts.

Lake Sebu

2. Bakngeb River Cave - situated in Barangay Laconon in Tboli, South Cotabato,  Bakngeb is another must-visit destination this summer.  You will definitely love its cold and crystal clear waters that are said to be coming from an underground cave system. Go swimming, ride the raft and explore the river cave.
Bakngeb River Cave

3. Lake Holon - also located in the municipality of T'boli, this crater lake of Mt. Melibingoy is a dream destination for nature lovers.  It was recognized as one of the cleanest lakes in the Philippines and one of the  favorite camping destinations in the region.
Lake Holon

4. Lake Seloton  - one of the three lakes located in the Municipality of Lake Sebu. This 38-hectare lake and the deepest of the three lakes at more than 200 feet bears the distinction of having the best POV (point of view) for sunrise. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing and bird watching at Lake Seloton.
Lake Seloton

5. Hidak Falls - Located in Barangay Kematu also in the Municipality of T'boli. According to the tourism office of T'boli, Hidak Falls is very unique because of its cascading water that is almost as fine as a raindrop due to the rocks that breaks it up until it reaches the ground. The name was derived from a Tboli word “hidak”, which means “sliperry rock”. Visitors will surely enjoy the cold and clean waters at Hidak Falls.

6.  Tdaan Kini Falls - This is one of our favorite attractions in Lake Sebu because of its icy cold spring waters and surrounded by virgin forest. Tdaan Kini is also very easy to reach. Located in Brgy. Lamlahak, it is just 10-15 minutes away riding a vehicle from the Poblacion. 
Tdaan Kini Falls

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