Discover Bob Nowong Restaurant in Lake Sebu

Thanks to the invitation of RD Nelly Dillera of DOT-12 finally I was able to visit and experienced Bob Nowong Restaurant in Lake Sebu last Wednesday, that was after we attended the tribute for Be' Lang Dulay. I've been seeing some positive posts about the restaurant on Facebook and I actually planned to visit it on my next trip in Lake Sebu.

Located just along the highway in Purok Rosas, Bob Nowong was formally opened to the public in 2014. It is a restaurant and bar in one serving  different kinds of delicious food from coffee, fresh juices, shakes and other beverages, snacks, noodles, pork and chicken dishes, vegetables, salad, fish and seafood. There is also a guest house located just at the back of the restaurant.
For first time visitors, expect that you'll fall in love with Bob Nowong when you visit. It happened to me. The place looks so ordinary from the outside, but as soon as you enter the place you'll be amazed with the beautifully-designed interiors and everything in it. 
From floor to ceiling, everything at Bob Nowong looks pleasing. There is that antique feel at the ground floor, it must be the brass wares, beads and other wooden items and  native crafts on display, or that wooden double door at the boutique.

The lighting fixtures hanging and this cabinet and the long chair made from wooden canoe will surely grab one's attention.
Bob Nowong is the old Tboli name of the place where the restaurant is located. "Bob" in Tboli is “pond” while "Nowong" was derived from the word “owong” which means a traditional Tboli boat.
The bar at Bob Nowong.
Mini-pond at the entrance
For those who wanted to enjoy their foods outdoors, Bob Nowong also has a garden.. see the following photos.

So unique. Just another canoe turned into a garden plant holder.
More tables and chairs at the 2nd floor of Bob Nowong.. I think it can accommodate up to 50 persons.

During our visit we had Bob Nowong's Sizzling Chicken, Patatim, their Garden Salad and Pork Sinigang. We also tried one of their best sellers, the Pizza Bob Nowong. All were insanely delicious!
Patatim at Bob Nowong. (P380)
Bob Nowong's Sizzling Chicken (P190)
Bob Nowong's Garden Salad (P120). It is composed of rocket (Arugula), basil, tomatoes and their special vinaigrette. It's a winner!
Pork Sinigang at Bob Nowong (P180). Served hot.
Pizza Bob Nowong (P200). Composed of beef, paprika, onions, mushroom and cheese. It's a must-try.
I had a great time at Bob Nowong Restaurant on my first visit. The staff are friendly and accommodating including Miss Ann, the owner. They serve great food which are also affordable and the ambiance is relaxing. I will definitely be back to try their other offerings, especially the tilapia recipes.
Bob Nowong at night.
Bob Nowong Restaurant is located at Purok Rosas, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. 

They are open from 10 AM - 9 PM every Monday- Thursday, from 10 AM - 10 PM every Friday and Saturday, and closed every Sunday.

For inquiries, contact 09175755593.


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