Mindanao Star offers lower Gensan- Koronadal fare rate at P85

Mindanao Star buses are now plying the Gensan- Koronadal routes. Have you noticed their bus units on the road?
Mindanao Star Davao-Gensan-Koronadal
I was able to ride one of these Mindanao Star buses last weekend when we visited the town of Tupi and I was glad to know that the company offers lower and uniform fare rates in all its buses that are plying the Gensan-Koronadal route.

Koronadal - Gensan : P85.00
Koronadal - Tupi: P35.00
Koronadal - Polomolok: P60.00
Gensan - Davao: P240.00

And I was also surprised to know that all Mindanao Star bus units (atleast 35 of them according to the conductor) plying the said routes are all new and air-conditioned buses with comfort rooms (CR), comfy chairs, wifi-ready and with at least 4-5 TV units installed. That's making travel not only comfortable and luxurious but entertaining as well, at a lower price. YBL should follow.
Mindanao Star Davao-Gensan-Koronadal

Mindanao Star Davao-Gensan-Koronadal

Mindanao Star Davao-Gensan-Koronadal


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  1. talaga bang 240 ang Gensan at Davao ??? Baka 308 yarnnnnnnnn .... 🤬🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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