Worth a Try: Kouziena 9505 in Tupi

Went there with some friends last Saturday for lunch and we were pleasantly surprised about the place.

Located just along the national highway in Tupi, Kouziena 9505 has a pleasant setting, clean, has a good ambiance, soothing and is very relaxing as what my friends would describe.

Concrete, steel and wood are majority of the materials used in the interiors.
Kouziena 9505 in Tupi
The menu is also interesting. They offers complete meals, pasta, and plenty of dessert and drinks to choose from.
Boneless Garlic Chicken
Boneless Garlic Chicken
For our lunch we were satisfied with our orders of their Boneless Garlic Chicken, Creamy Chicken Casserole and Grilled Blue Marlin. We also love the baby potatoes as side dish. All were cooked just right and at friendly prices.
Grilled Blue Marlin
Grilled Blue Marlin
Creamy Chicken Casserole
Creamy Chicken Casserole
We also tried Palabok, one of their best sellers.
Kouziena 9505 Palabok
Palabok at Kouziena 9505
Rating: 4.5/5

What we don't like:
  • Use of disposable plastic cups for service water
  • Palabok was not serve hot
What we like:
  • Good food
  • Clean and nice place
  • Fast service 
  • Friendly & accommodating staff
We are definitely going back at Kouziena 9505. It's worth a try when in Tupi.


I asked the owner, Xyrilloid Landicho, who happens to be a friend on Facebook some things about Kouziena 9505 and here's what he has to say:

Why Kouziena 9505
We wanted it to be easy to remember so we decided for one word and which everyone is familiar with, kusina, then added a twist and inserted my mom's nickname "Ouzie" and had the word Kouziena. It's also a tribute to our mom since she's the one who started it all and the food business has been our bread and butter since we were kids and I guess it's just proper to name our latest venture after her. And 9505 is the zip code for Tupi. So one could basically say that its somewhat like Tupi's kitchen. Other zip code could also be used later on if we branch out in the near future.
Design & Interiors
I have to say that i took a lot of inspirations from Pinterest. The plan is an industrial type of place with the right use of woods too, that's why you could see that the interior is mostly made up of concrete, steel and wood as major materials. It's not finished yet and we still have a lot to do.
Best sellers at Kouziena 9505
As for the best sellers, I have to say that it is our Palabok and Pancit Malabon. Always has been and maybe always will. Along with the palabok, our pasta dishes are also doing good in terms of sale. When it comes to rice meals, pork loin roast, grilled blue marlin and garlic chicken are some of them. The menu is not yet final and we plan to update it soon to give way to our final set and then offer a daily meal of the day. Right now we're still testing what would work best and tallying all items before deciding on the final set.
How is Kouziena 9505 differs from other restos?
It's different from other restos because we focus on quality more than the quantity. We're trying to show that good food could be eaten without spending too much and we're using local produce as much as possible and have been trying to get supplies directly from farmers of the municipality. We also would like to let people know that Tupi is more than great chicken barbecue, it's our own little way of contributing to culinary tourism.

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