Philhealth and PAPO Empower Speakers Bureau for Patients

In tandem with the Philippine Alliance of Patients Organization (PAPO), the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) through its Social Health Insurance Academy (SHIA) with PhilHealth Regional Offices XI and XII conducted an orientation and organized Speakers Bureau for PAPO representatives from various areas in Mindanao on September 25-27 in Davao City.
Holding the microphone is Ms Melvia J. Malibay of Cherubs Pediatric Massage Therapy Advocates, Inc. In Davao City. She was awarded as the “Best Presentor” during the 3-day orientation/training for the Speakers Bureau. The rest are the participants coming from different patients organization in Davao area.

“This 3-day activity is meant to empower our patients and let them know their rights and privileges. These vulnerable sectors of our society badly need help. It is a must that we do something to make them feel that they are cared for. We will teach their representatives who in return will cascade the same to their members. One time in our lives, we too will become patients,” PAPO President, Maria Fatima Garcia Lorenzo said.

The PAPO Speakers Bureau will serve as PhilHealth’s information multipliers to their member patients. They will help PhilHealth carry out the task of informing their fellow members of their benefits, registration, contribution and benefit availment process.

PhilHealth personnel who attended the same activity helped critique how the participants delivered their topics based on what they have learned from the training and those who did their best and were able to present their materials well were given incentives.

Initially those who joined in Davao for said training were representatives from DS Foundation; Kythe Foundation; Autism Society Philippines; Parents Mobilization Action Group; Down Syndrome of the Philippines, Inc.; Association of Differently Abled Persons; Davao Autism Intervention Center Foundation, Inc; Capernaum; San Lorenzo Foundation; Person with Disability Office; PWD Association (GACOS); Tagum Deaf Foundation; Tagum Persons with Disability; Focal-Compostela Valley; Tagum Parent Mobilization Action Group; Yellow Warrior Society of the Philippines, Inc.; Southern Philippines Medical Center (various group).

Other Regional Offices in Mindanao are expected to conduct the same for the benefit of more patient organizations in the area. # (hanah g. naanep, PRO III)

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