Agriculture Secretary Tiu Laurel visits South Cotabato, boosts farming initiatives

In a momentous visit to Koronadal City on November 24, 2023, Department of Agriculture Secretary Francisco Tiu Laurel, Jr. spearheaded a series of events aimed at fortifying agricultural initiatives in the region. The visit included a tour of the Kadiwa booth at the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) office in Koronadal City, participation in the Regional Irrigators Association Congress, and a crucial meeting with irrigators associations in Region 12.

Secretary Tiu Laurel commenced his visit by exploring the Kadiwa booth established at the NIA office in Koronadal City. The Kadiwa program, which directly connects farmers with consumers, stands as a vital component in ensuring a sustainable and efficient agricultural supply chain. The secretary engaged with local producers and gained insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by the agricultural sector in the region.

Attending the Regional Irrigators Association Congress, Secretary Tiu Laurel actively participated in discussions centered on enhancing irrigation systems, sustainable farming practices, and addressing the evolving needs of farmers in Region 12. The congress served as a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among key stakeholders in the agricultural landscape.

In a pivotal meeting with irrigators associations in Region 12, Secretary Tiu Laurel exemplified the commitment of the Department of Agriculture to uplift the lives of Filipino farmers. The highlight of the event was the turnover of various farm machines and interventions amounting to a substantial 26 million pesos. These essential tools and interventions are poised to significantly boost the productivity and efficiency of farmer-beneficiaries, contributing to the overall development of the agricultural sector.

Secretary Tiu Laurel underscored the government's dedication to investing in the future of Philippine agriculture. The farm machines and interventions handed over during the ceremony are strategic investments that aim to improve agricultural practices, increase yields, and elevate the socio-economic status of farmers in the region.

The visit of Secretary Tiu Laurel served as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the national government and local stakeholders. By fostering partnerships and delivering tangible support, the Department of Agriculture is actively contributing to the progress and sustainability of the agricultural sector in South Cotabato and beyond.

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