Record-breaking Tourism: 1.6 Million visitors flock to South Cotabato from Jan-Oct 2023

In an exceptional surge in tourism, South Cotabato has welcomed a staggering 1,657,063 visitors in the first ten months of 2023, as reported by the Arts, Culture, Tourism, and Museum Unit (ACTMU).

The Municipality of Lake Sebu is one of the go-to places in Province of South Cotabato

Among the months, April stood out as the favorite, drawing 216,224 Same Day Tourists and Overnight Guests during this 10-month period. March and May followed closely, contributing 140,048 and 139,180 visitors, respectively.

July, celebrated as the festival month with the annual T’nalak Festival coinciding with the South Cotabato Foundation Anniversary on July 18, attracted a significant number of visitors, totaling 196,383 arrivals.

Even during traditionally non-vacation months, such as June, with 120,407 visitors, and August, with 194,052 visitors, the province continued to draw attention. September and October contributed 149,785 and 166,309 arrivals, respectively.

The year began on a positive note, with January and February witnessing robust tourism numbers. January saw 174,753 visitors, while February added 139,922 visitors to the province's growing tourism statistics.

This influx of visitors not only underscores the province's appeal but also highlights the diverse attractions and activities that South Cotabato offers throughout the year. The local tourism sector's success reflects ongoing efforts to promote the region as a must-visit destination. As South Cotabato continues to captivate visitors, stakeholders and local authorities are optimistic about sustaining and further boosting this positive trend in the years to come.

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